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Matt Swainbank

Sales Manager


American Feeder


Cope, SC – American Feeder, a new innovator in the pond and lake management industry, is thrilled to announce significant updates to its business.  After years of development, the company successfully showcased its first products to the public while supporting two events in bass fishing.  The first event takes place in Birmingham, Alabama known as the Redcrest Expo sponsored by Major League Fishing from March 15th – 17th.  After, they attended the Bassmaster Classic Expo in Tulsa, Oklahoma from March 22nd -24th.  The Bassmaster Classic is one of the largest fishing expos in the country, with historical attendance reaching upwards of 120,000 people.


With a commitment to excellence and a passion for providing top-notch gear, American Feeder has meticulously crafted a high-quality aluminum automated fish feeder with the help of both seasoned pond and lake management professionals, as well as professional bass angler Bill Dance. The latest enhancements are designed to elevate performance, durability, and user experience, setting a new standard in the market.


A healthy pond ecosystem is crucial for good fishing opportunities and should consist of a large forage base along with plenty of spawning habitat in order to create trophy predatory fish like largemouth bass.  Automated fish feeders are used across the country in private ponds as well as public lakes where renovation and management projects take place by local government agencies.


The flagship model of their fish feeders is simply known as the H125, which can hold 125lbs of deer corn or 75lbs of fish food.  Key features include rounded corners on the top lid preventing the possibility of tearing your bag when filling the hopper as well as convenient carrying handles on the side for



moving the unit with ease.  The feed timer has 9 different control settings allowing you to customize your feeding schedule for your specific situation or season.  The unit is powered by solar, with the panel and 12V battery included at no additional cost.  For easy setup, it comes with mounting holes for the solar panel on all sides so you can always optimize the perfect sun angle for maximum efficiency.  


The company is excited to begin shipping units of the H125 model beginning in early March and is slated to launch two larger size feeders with 300 and 425 pounds capacities in April.


For more information about the company, we invite you all to pay us a visit at one of the upcoming shows or at our website at            


About American Feeder:

The concept for American Feeder started in 2019, with the desire to create a lightweight and high quality fish feeder right here in the USA.  As an aluminum manufacturer with over 60 years of experience building high quality goods, you can trust that you will be buying the best quality product out there.  We look forward to expanding our product offering well beyond just automated fish feeders in the near future.

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